Building services

Aurecon’s team of experts provides engineering systems to bring buildings and structures to life so that they function efficiently, economically, safely and sustainably. Our aim is to deliver safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation for the modern buildings we design.

By combining our in-depth knowledge, our specialists provide high-value solutions spanning electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, communications for optimum design in:  

  • Building management
  • Fire protection systems
  • Security
  • Vertical transportation  

Listening to client needs and creating integrated designs that are effective and affordable are important drivers for Aurecon. We pride ourselves on being skilled at integrating people, space and technology.
With associated experts in Audio-visual design to drive collaboration in office environments, Aurecon is successful at blending a wide range of business critical systems. Regardless of the size of the premises our clients occupy, we can scale security provisions and access control systems to meet business needs.
Specialist lighting, design advice and planning ensures venues are designed with optimum illumination sustainably regardless of the size, location or project complexity.
Aurecon is well known for being technically astute and flexible. Our team of 500 building specialists in over 20 countries work together to deliver smart achievable solutions.
By combining these skills with those of colleagues in Building sciences and Building structures, Aurecon delivers cutting-edge and sustainable design options that demonstrate technical excellence and value.